The ORCA™ Solution

The ORCA™ Solution (Product)orca-drawing

The ORCA™ is a unique heat-to-power solution, as no other technologies exist that function economically at these sizes and temperatures. The increased efficiency and reduced costs of the expander and system create a new opportunity for small scale, low-temperature, and heat-to-electricity conversion with less than a three-year payback.

The ORCA™ heat-to-power appliance is an organic Rankine cycle system designed to generate 30 to 60kW of electricity from low-temperature heat between 150° – 250°F (65°-120°C), economically and efficiently, so you can increase the energy efficiency of your operations and reduce your carbon footprint.

This standardized, distributed solution is easy to install, creates no emissions, and uses waste-heat that otherwise would be exhausted to the atmosphere. The ORCA™ is designed to save your company money by capturing low-temperature waste-heat and converting it to electricity which is used on-site, reducing the electricity purchased from The Grid and lowering greenhouse gas emissions.

The most economical solution for waste heat-to-power
Because of the efficient and simple design of our system, the ORCA™ is the most economical way to convert low-grade heat into electricity at small sizes and low temperatures. Not counting government incentives and carbon costs, our customers can expect a payback in two or three years, generating electricity for as low as $.03 per kilowatt hour.
Modular system fits close to waste-heat stream
The ORCA™ is a complete, modular, drop-in Organic Rankine Cycle system containing all of the hardware and controls necessary to convert low-grade heat into electricity. All of the components are included in a single, modular box that can be easily installed near the heat source. Complete controls for starting and stopping the device, automatic grid interconnections, automatic disconnect, and an easy user interface are all included with the system.
Installs easily without disrupting your manufacturing process
The ORCA™ system is designed as a drop-in-appliance; connection to the site is simply four hoses and a wire to your internal electrical system. The waste-heat stream is diverted though the hot-heat exchanger included in the system. At the same time, a cooling stream is diverted though the cold-heat exchanger, also included in the system. The electrical connection is made at a nearby panel or box, and the system is ready to go.
Remote Monitoring and Control
Included with the system is the ability to monitor-or control­-the system remotely. All the control screens can be replicated on your computer. You can even control the system with your smart phone.

► Paybacks as short as two years
► Saves – 280 Ton of CO2 per year
► Easy to install – four hoses and a wire
► Modular system fits close to heat source
► Non-Disruptive to process
► Low Maintenance
► System design for durability and long life

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